About Us

About Us

At Isle of Man Meats we’re proud to offer the finest beef, lamb and pork, working closely with island producers, butchers and retailers to build in quality from pasture to plate. And we couldn’t be more proud of the provenance of our products, all of which come from the lush green fields of one of the most unspoilt islands in the world.

Our modernised and refurbished meat plant is accredited to the highest welfare and hygiene standards, giving us the capacity to supply the Island and beyond with the finest quality Manx beef, lamb and pork.

Our People

Each and every one of us at Isle of Man Meats is highly skilled in, and hugely passionate about, what we do. We take pride in working to the highest quality standards, we provide an excellent working environment, and all of our employees get to make the most of continuous development opportunities.

The brand new Isle of Man Meats Board is made up of members who between them have a wealth of collective knowledge, expertise and experience in agriculture, retailing and running highly effective businesses. We believe that local is the future, and together we’re pulling out all the stops to bring you the finest beef, lamb and pork.

Board Members

Tim Baker


Andrew Lees


Andrew McDonald


Allan Skillicorn

FMA Representative Director

Phil Parsons


Jodie Bufton


Plant Management

Graham Hands

Dispatch Manager

Ben Kelly

Procurement Officer

Kirree Kermode

Procurement Officer

Neil Dunbar

Boning Hall Manager

William Gale

Slaughter Hall Supervisor

John Drydenorr

Cleaning Supervisor

Colin Pilkington

Compliance Manager