Consumer survey shows strong demand for quality Manx meat - IOM Meats

The quality of the product is by far the most important factor which Isle of Man consumers consider when choosing to purchase meat.

That’s one of the main conclusions from a comprehensive survey carried out recently by Isle of Man Meats which is the supplier of locally produced beef, lamb and pork sold both on and off-Island. A total of 713 consumers who buy and/or eat beef, lamb or pork took part in the research – including people from a wide range of ages and lifestyles. The survey covered key issues including the importance consumers place upon the quality of the product, traceability, food miles, and animal welfare when deciding to purchase red meat. Consumers were also asked for their views on retail pricing, whether they thought Isle of Man retailers should stock more locally produced meat, and if it should feature more on menus in restaurants, pubs and other eateries on the Island.

Key findings included:

• Quality is by far the most important factor when considering purchasing meat, followed by price, animal welfare standards, and the taste of the product.
• 70% of consumers believe that Manx meat is better quality than meat from the UK.
• There is almost universal demand for clear labelling for Isle of Man meat with 69% saying that they want retailers to make it clear if a product is reared and/or produced on the Island.

Alan Croly, Customer and Communication Manager at Isle of Man Meats, said: “The results of the survey are very encouraging and will support our marketing strategy. The data will help us to raise awareness of locally produced meat, and improve the way in which we promote the many advantages it provides for consumers and the local economy. The survey is part of a broader strategy to increase the market for Isle of Man Meats’ premium quality products both on and off-Island. Ultimately, this will be good for farmers, consumers, and the Isle of Man as a whole by creating jobs and revenue.”