Christmas shoppers encouraged to support local farmers and economy - IOM Meats

Consumers are being encouraged to support Manx livestock farmers and the Island’s economy by adding locally produced beef, pork or lamb to their Christmas shopping lists.

Our research shows that when asked about the important factors they considered before choosing to buy beef, lamb or pork, 42% of consumers said that supporting local farmers was among their top four priorities. And research by shopping insight specialists IRI ( which asked for the opinions of more than 3,000 consumers in seven European countries – including the UK, Italy, France and Germany – found that there is a strong consumer trend towards increasing awareness of the fact that food grown closer to home means fewer carbon emissions, will be fresher, and supports the local economy.

Alan Croly, our Customer and Communications Manager at Isle of Man Meats, said: “It’s clear that there is a demand for locally produced, high quality meat – and more and more consumers are becoming aware of the fact that supporting local businesses is good for the local economy. This Christmas we will be encouraging shoppers to think about these factors when deciding what to put on their dinner table. Our research also shows a demand for clearer labelling of Manx meat, and we’ve responded to that by working with our retail partners to introduce clearer labelling at meat counters and butcher’s shops so that shoppers can easily see which joints and cuts are from Isle of Man farmers. Delicious locally produced joints are ideal for the festive season, and this year it will be easier than ever before for shoppers to find and buy locally produced meat.”

He added that Manx lamb in particular has really grown in popularity this year, both on and off-Island, because of its high quality and excellent taste. Alan Croly commented: “In June this year at a party hosted by the UK’s Ambassador to Switzerland to celebrate the Queen’s birthday, the menu included Manx lamb which we supplied. So a leg or rack of lamb would make a great choice for families that want the ideal treat for their own VIP guests this Christmas!”