Animated video shows benefits to Island of supporting Manx farmers - IOM Meats

Isle of Man Meats has produced an animated video designed to illustrate the benefits everyone on the
Island gains by consumers supporting Manx livestock farmers.

Tim Baker MHK, Chair of Isle of Man Meats, said: “It’s important that everyone who has an interest in
the future of the Isle of Man appreciates the benefits of buying locally produced rather than imported
meat. Due to what’s known as the local multiplier effect every pound spent on food produced here on
the Island is worth £1.83 to the local economy and directly supports Manx livestock farmers. Buying
local meat means consumers are helping the environment by reducing food miles and supporting Isle
of Man Meats’ commitment to high standards of animal welfare – a commitment that’s shared by the
220 Isle of Man farms we work with. The video is designed to explain all of these important points in a
simple and effective way by tracing the journey of Isle of Man Meats’ products from pasture to plate.”

The video – which also highlights the fact that Isle of Man Meats is a UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man
partner – was produced following consumer research carried out by Isle of Man Meats last year which
identified a need to raise awareness of locally produced meat, and the many advantages it provides
for consumers and the local economy.

Also in response to consumer feedback, earlier this year Isle of Man Meats launched a ‘Make sure it’s
Manx’ campaign to make it easier for shoppers to identify meat that has been produced here on the
Island. Participating butchers shops are now supporting the campaign which features ‘Make sure it’s
Manx’ labels on Isle of Man Meats produce, posters, and other promotional materials. Last month
[July] Ramsey Co-op’s Christian Street store became the latest retailer to back the campaign.