Isle of Man Meats’ plant awarded Grade A status in BRC Global Food Standards audit - IOM Meats

Isle of Man Meats has been given Grade A status following a rigorous, independent, annual audit of its meat plant.

The BRC Global Food Standard Version 8 certificate was awarded after a comprehensive three day audit was carried out by Micron2 on behalf of BRC Global Standards – the latter being a widely respected organisation that sets benchmarks for good manufacturing practice and helps build confidence in the supply chain by ensuring high standards for food safety. BRC Global Standards carries out annual audits, so the meat plant’s Grade A status is valid until October 2020.

Grade A status is only awarded if high standards are met across a wide range of checks, including food safety, legal compliance, and animal welfare. Isle of Man Meats was awarded the same grade in 2018, the company’s first year in business.

Phil Parsons, Plant Director at Isle of Man Meats, said: “BRC Global Standards are respected throughout the food industry, and achieving Grade A status for the second successive year is another independent endorsement of how the plant is operated. It’s great news for Isle of Man Meats, and for our customers and suppliers because it’s further proof of the quality of our plant, procedures, and products.”

A commitment to producing high quality meat is a vital element in the ‘Make Sure It’s Manx’ campaign launched by Isle of Man Meats earlier this year. The campaign – which is backed by a growing number of butchers and other meat retailers on the Island – features clear labelling and promotional material which make it easier for shoppers to identify locally produced meat.

Isle of Man Meats also holds Red Tractor status.