Meat Plant workers celebrate 20 years’ service - IOM Meats

Dispatch Supervisor Marcus Mitchell, and Lairage Operative Chris Brown, have both worked at the plant for 20 years.

Today, a key part of Chris’s job is working closely with Isle of Man Meats Procurement Officers Ben Kelly and Kirree Kermode to ensure that the company’s high standards of animal welfare are maintained. Entering his third decade at the plant, Chris is still loving his job, and says: “No two weeks are the same and I experience lots of variety throughout the year. It's a very busy place, so the days fly by!"

During his 20 years of service Marcus worked in every department before joining the sales department where he is now.

That means he has first-hand experience of all aspects of the business. Like Chris, Marcus says he enjoys the variety that the job offers, and banter with colleagues and visitors. To celebrate their career milestones, Chris and Marcus were presented with specially decorated biscuits which they generously shared with colleagues.

Phil Parsons, Plant Director at Isle of Man Meats, thanked them both for their loyalty and contribution to the business. He added: “Recruiting and retaining dedicated, hard-working, skilled people is essential to the success of any business. We’re very fortunate to have Chris and Marcus within our very experienced team.”

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