Bank Holiday Manx mini burgers! Ramsey Co-op (Christian St) shoppers offered free meat treats this Friday - IOM Meats

Shoppers can taste some great Manx meat recipes at Ramsey Co-op’s Christian Street store on Bank Holiday Friday (August 28th).

Isle of Man Meats will have a stand at the shop from 9.30am with chef Maciej Mierzejewski cooking mini burgers using Manx beef and lamb. On the menu are Maciej’s ‘Ultimate Manx Beef Burger’ and ‘Luxury Manx Lamb Burger with Mint Relish’. Shoppers inspired to cook the burgers at home can take away recipe cards.

Kirree Kermode from Isle of Man Meats, said: “Co-op are loyal supporters of our #MakeSureItsManx campaign so we’re really pleased to be working with them again to promote the ‘shop local’ message. Burgers are a great choice for families and friends every Bank Holiday, especially for barbecues – and for the freshest, best quality burgers there’s nothing better than Manx meat. Maciej has created two fantastic recipes, both using Isle of Man Meats mince which is available at the Christian Street store – so shoppers who enjoy the mini burgers can then make their own full size ones at home which is ideal timing for all of those Bank Holiday barbecues.”

If you don’t have time to visit Co-op’s Christian Street store in Ramsey over the weekend you can still get the recipes at which also includes a list of all the retailers that stock their products.